Work with Us

We work with licensed contractors, Realtors & other investors

Our goal is to create WIN-WIN partnerships for our clients and for those who we have the opportunity to work with. If you are interested in learning more about opportunities to work with us, contact us today!


 We provide a detailed scope of work on each job to make bidding fast and easy. We can help you create new business. We are part of a network of national investors. We love to pay our contractors.



We specialize in short sale approval assistance for agents. We’ll buy homes with any and all amounts of work from cosmetic rehabs to complete tear downs.



Are you looking to purchase wholesale properties or use your hard-earned money to become a lender with a great return on investment? We are always working on new acquisitions to put your investment dollars to work.

A private money loan is a loan that is given to a real estate investor, secured by real estate. Private money investors are given a first or second mortgage that secures their legal interest in the property and secures their investment. When we have isolated a home that is well under market value, we give our private lenders an opportunity to fund the purchase and rehab of the home. Through that process, the lender can yield extremely high interest rates –  3 to 10 times the rates you can get on bank CD’s and other traditional investment plans.


Essentially, private money lending is your opportunity to become the bank, reaping the profits just like a bank would. It’s a great way to generate cash flow and produce a predictable income stream – while providing excellent security and safety for your principle investment. You can do what the banks have been doing for years – make a profitable return on investments backed by real estate. There is no other investment vehicle like it.

Please contact us today to learn how you can invest in a secured asset without the costs of money managers or the hassles of active investing! We will meet with you in person and give you a detailed analysis of your investment options.